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INDIE666CD 1349 Demonoir Jewelcase Cover 


11. Tunnel of Set – I

12. Atomic Chapel

13. Tunnel II

14. When I was flesh

15. Tunnel III

16. Psalm 7:77

17. Tunnel IV

18. Pandemonium War Bells

19. Tunnel V

20. The Devil of the Deserts

21. Tunnel VI

22. Demonoir

23. Tunnel VII


OUT APRIL 26th in Europe (Indie Recordings/Indie Distribution)

Out APRIL 27th in North America (Prosthetic Records)

(The North American version of 'Demonoir' will feature alternate cover art which will be revealed soon)



DEMONOIR is without a shadow of a doubt 1349’s darkest, most sinister and brutal work to date, and in this case it comes to mean that the band has gone from the utterly extreme to the genre-expanding and mindboggling. Black Metal cannot, and will never be the same.


For the band's fifth full-length release -- which will be released by Indie Recordings throughout Europe on April 26, and by Prosthetic Records in North America the following day -- 1349 decided to suck out the fiercest and most potent energies from every single member and surroundings, channeling it into songs that are pulsating with uncanny atmospheres, rawness and nerve shattering intensity. The whole process of getting the material on record was like one long, exhausting black magic summoning that could not be allowed to go wrong.


DEMONOIR will be available in three different versions:

·         Regular CD

·         Limited digipack version w/ special artwork inc. bonus CD with cover versions.

·         Double 180gram Vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Includes cover versions.



Archaon – Guitars

Frost – Drums

Ravn – Vocals

Seidemann – Bass



Liberation, Candlelight Records 2003

Beyond the Apocalypse, Candlelight Records 2004

Hellfire, Candlelight Records 2005

Revelations of The Black Flame, Candlelight Records 2009

Demonoir, Indie Recordings 2010


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