SUCCESS WILL WRITE APOCALYPSE ACROSS THE SKY - The Grand Partition And The Abrogation Of Idolatry (2009)

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S.W.W.A.A.T.S. is a powerful reinforcing psychostimulant that delivers an intensity of Brutality beyond the bounds of normal human experience. FUCKING GRIND 2009!!! Frank Watkins / OBITUARY
It´s always been guaranteed that bands from Florida playing Death-Metal and really heavy music are somewhat successful or highly acclaimed by doing what they were doing! After several bands claiming the throne of mid-tempo grooving Death Metal such as OBITUARY, MORBID ANGEL or more technically acting DEATH, there´s a new force crawling out of the marshes of Florida: SUCCESS WILL WRITE APOCALYPSE ACROSS THE SKY! Quite a long name with an even longer album title, but it sure is worth the typing! These Grinders, mixing devastatingly heavy parts and insane guitar riffing with the brutality of Death-Metal, have come to rule you all.
“ The album recording is done, and what an experience it has been. We are very excited and can't wait until everyone gets to hear this thing. A lot of very hard work has gone in to the making of " The Grand Partition...." states singer John and adds:
“ It has been a dream of mine and ours for many years to get to work on something as special as this. Myself and the rest of the band are hungry for more!! So the next step is extensive touring in 2009 for this album and we can not wait, we have a strong feeling that the message we send out with this album is going to be heard loud and clear all over the world. It is a plea to humanity, so take that in to consideration when you open the booklet and read our lyrics. We do this for you, and our own sanity hahah.”
The band has a pretty wide range of influences. However it's really hard to compare their sound to anyone or spot a key derivative. They all came from different places geographically, so there are several American cultures represented within the line-up. Not only do they play aggressive music but also care about the things going on and wrong in today´s world. Lyrically, the band´s trying to make people think about each move they make:
“ Question everything you see, read or hear. Educate yourself. Don't ever stay quiet... we most certainly won't.” says the singer.
They will hit Europe for the first time ever during April playing alongside BLEEDING THROUGH and DARKEST HOUR bringing the people their very own apocalypse!

Genre : death metal, brutal death

Sortie : 03/04/2009

Tracklist :

10,000 Sermons, One Solution 
The Realization That Mankind Is Viral in Its Nature 
Pity the Living, Envy the Dead 
A Path 
Automated Oration and the Abolition of Silence 
One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy 
Retrograde and the Anointed 
Of Worms, Jesus Christ, and Jackson County Missouri 
The Tamagotchi Gesture 
Hidden Track 



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