Annotations Of An Autopsy - The Reign Of Darkness (2010)

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Conquerors of British death metal, Annotations Of An Autopsy are about to release havoc upon the world with the upcoming release of "II: The Reign Of Darkness", the much anticipated follow-up to their infectious debut album "Before The Throne Of Infection". Since forming in 2006, AOAA have been spreading their way into the hearts of those who thrive
on aggressive music. After the release of "Welcome To Sludge City", AOAA found themselves being approached by record labels and soon signed to UK based Siege Of Amida Records (S.O.A.R.) This helped to forge their reign as one of the leaders in the UK Metal scene. Soon after, “Before The Throne Of Infection” was released onto the world, receiving highly rated reviews and acknowledgements that Annotations Of An Autopsy mean business.
2009 saw them land a deal with record label "Nuclear Blast". With this huge team behind them, Annotations Of An Autopsy is now stronger than ever and ready to be launched onto the world once again with the release of "II: The Reign Of Darkness" as their instrument of destruction. "We're a machine and we're not going to stop, if you get in our way we'll just run you over" - Steve Regan.
Touring has brought the act to venues all over the world in support of their releases. Reeking havoc at an aggressive pace on the UK/Europe and American/Canadian venues. Passionate about touring, the band have their eyes set on tearing up more countries to add to their ever-growing fan base. Prepare to join the Legion Of Darkness, prepare for The Reign Of

Annotations Of An Autopsy!
An European tour with US death metal legends SUFFOCATION is planned for early next year.

Track Listing:

01. Intro 1:09
02. In Snakes I Bathe 3:52
03. Born Dead 3:32
04. Bone Crown 3:32
05. Emptiness 4:12
06. Catastrophic Hybridization 5:52
07. Interlude 2:30
08. Impale The Sun 3:55
09. Portrait Of Souls 3:34
10. Cryogenica 5:10
11. Into The Black Slumber 8:25

Annotations Of An Autopsy - The Reign Of Darkness (2010)

Style : Death Metal

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