Frontiers Records Signs The Legendary ALAN PARSONS

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Frontiers Records Signs The Legendary ALAN PARSONS

Napoli, February 15, 2010 – Legendary studio wizard Alan Parsons returns with a live concert recording - Eye 2 Eye - Live In Madrid to be released March 19 in Europe and April 6 in the USA on Frontiers Records. Eye 2 Eye - Live In Madrid will come out in two separate configurations in CD and DVD format.

Eye 2 Eye - Live In Madrid was filmed and recorded at the May 14, 2004 show in Playa Mayor - Madrid, Spain. The location is a gorgeous plaza surrounded by historic buildings and is a legacy to a very fine performance from an outstanding group of musicians.

Alan Parsons’ career started aged 19 when he worked on The Beatles last two albums, Let It Be and then Abbey Road, an album recorded in the legendary London studios of the same name. He soon become a well respected studio engineer and producer, working for Paul McCartney, John Miles, The Hollies, Al Stewart and Pink Floyd among others. He is particularly renowned for his work on the Pink Floyd masterpiece Dark Side of The Moon. This classic album was recorded in 1972, and Parsons’ contribution to the album is legendary.

With The Alan Parsons Project, Alan went on to release 10 acclaimed studio albums but never performed live, even after several US and UK Top 20 hits. The Project ended in 1990 when Eric Woolfson and Alan went separate ways. Eric devoted his career to the musical theatre, while Parsons felt the need to bring his music to the live concert stage and to continue to record conceptual symphonic rock music.

As well as receiving gold and platinum awards from many nations, Alan Parsons has received 12 Grammy Award nominations for engineering and production. In 2007 he received a nomination for Best Surround Sound Album for A Valid Path.

Eye 2 Eye – Live in Madrid features an outstanding performance and for many fans this is the first opportunity to see Alan Parsons' touring band. The musicians’ performances are superb throughout, and this could well be the definitive band line-up that Alan has toured with. An added treat is Alan singing lead vocals on three songs as well as all band members sharing the lead vocal duties.

CD track listing includes:
I Robot; Can't Take It With You; Don't Answer Me; Breakdown / The Raven; Time; Psychobabble; I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You; Damned If I Do; More Lost Without You; Don't Let It Show; Prime Time; Sirius / Eye In The Sky; (The System Of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether; Games People Play.

The DVD includes the entire concert and is available in NTSC region free format with stereo mix 2.0

March 14, 2010 Prague, Czech Republic - Congress Centre
March 16, 2010 Warsaw, Poland - Sala Kongresowa
March 18, 2010 Bratislava, Slovakia
June 1, 2010 Paris, France - The Olympia

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