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DON'T MISS ANY OF THESE NEW RELEASES, THEY'RE ALL VERY WORTH YOUR ATTENTION! Streaming audio samples on every song can be heard, some titles have video's to check out as well on their respective pages all along with biog, tracklisting, and other sales info. We have over 500 titles on the Nightmare Records website, and another 500 or more titles on our Amazon Listings that we only have a few copies of left. Check those too if you have time. And we have about 2000 more that are not listed yet, if your looking for something, don't hesitate to ask!  FOLLOW US ON TWITTER

Ulterium Records
Genre: Melodic Metal/Hard Rock
Release Date: April 23, 2010


“Focus” is a first class melodic hardrock/metal album and fans of Rainbow, Whitesnake, Dio, Gotthard, Europe and Stryper will for sure love it! Songs like “Invitation”, “Keep the fire burning” and “We are not alone” will definitely become big hits and live favourites, so keep an eye out for Audiovision and “Focus”! Features Members of previous work in the bands Narnia, Divinefire, Veni Domine and Saviour Machine Learn More...



PAINSIDE "Dark World Burden"
Inner Wound Recordings
Genre: Metal
Release Date: April 6th, 2010


With so much of today’s modern metal being little more than downtuned riffs and growler/screamer vocals, it’s always good to hear something that incorporates a lot of elements of the old school that just plain kicks ass. For the first time this year, a band I’d never heard of before has emerged with an album that just flat out kicked my ass. That band is Painside.
PITRIFF RATING – 9/10  Learn More...


STEVE CICHON "Cranial Feedback"

Nightmare Records
Genre: Metal/Rock/Instrumental
Release Date: March 30th, 2010


Remember the wonderful music from the 70's heavy rock and progressive movements, Steve manages to capture the essence of this "Real" and "Uncommercial" musical liberation of no boundaries with this collection of ten tracks he offers us on "Cranial Feedback". This album is truly a musical mind journey to take you through your own great depths.. Learn More...


HARD "Time Is Waiting For No One"

BLP / Escape Music
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
Release Date: March 16th, 2010


HARD is a Swedish-Hungarian hard rock group, None other than famed record producer Beau Hill (of Winger/Ratt/Warrant / Airborne fame) blew his mind when he first heard the album, he immediately asked the guys to let him remix the tunes. They agreed, and the result was more than amazing. A truly inspirational piece of work from a band that just may set a precedent for all others to follow, in short, essential!  Listen &  Learn More...


PHONOMIK "Soul Creeper"

Nightmare Records
Genre: Metal/Rock/Thrash
Release Date: March 30, 2010


Melodic integrity and hard rocking riffs play in favor for PHONOMIK's unique sound. The renaissance meets 2000 with the primal scream of a caveman. Appealing to the human emotions PHONOMIK's music scales love and hate. Inspired by and honouring the great heroes of rock, PHONOMIK wishes to contribute to the universal art of music by standing on the shoulders of giants.  Produced by award winning producer Jacob Hansen.


SINBREED "When Worlds Collide"

Ulterium Records
Cat#: ULTCD013
Genre: Metal
Release Date: April 6, 2010


The blistering combination of speed, melodic and aggressive arrangements combined with high and soaring vocals characterizes Sinbreed's distinctive Power metal, and they now present their debut album "When worlds collide".The members of Sinbreed are Frederik Ehmke [Blind Guardian] on drums, Hebie Langhans [Seventh Avenue] on vocals, Alexander Schulz on bass and Flo Laurin who handles guitars and keys. Mixed and Mastered by acclaimed producer Markus Teske.  Listen &  Learn More 


CHARLOTTE "Medusa Groove"
Eonian Records
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
Release Date: April 20, 2010


With a unique sound influenced by Great White, Guns N’Roses, and Led Zeppelin, they quickly garnered barrels of buzz and rode the wave of their rapidly rising popularity to other gigs. Through it all, they were never content to follow the trend, always staying true to themselves and delivering vibrant, creative, unpredictable hard rock music. Listen &  Learn More


LEGACY "Self-Titled"

Eonian Records
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock/Christian
Release Date: April 20, 2010


Legacy made no bones about being a Christian metal band. While the music was important, a sizzling salvo of heavy guitars, thunderous rhythms, melodic hooks, and layered harmonies, the band placed equal, if not more, importance on their message, ensuring their lyrics cleaved true to who they were as men of faith. Listen & Learn More

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