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A New Identity
Brilliant guitar driven melodic power metal sounding like DIO meets SYMPHONY X, but oh so much more in there with the middle eastern flavors added in, a VERY strong debut with mature songwriting, and some extremely tasty technical prowess showing without over the top pyrotechnics.  Learn More
Memoirs of a Broken Man
The most exciting tech metal album debut this year, blending Thrash, Prog, Power, and melody into a new alloy of scorching molten metal sounding a bit like if you tossed TESTAMENT, ZERO HOUR and SYMPHONY X and ALICE IN CHAINS into a blender with a few ice cubes possibly? Learn More
Course of a Generation
Excellent vocals, Massive guitar riffs and mesmerizing song writing makes this an absolute MUST HAVE for ALL fans of hard rock and metal, bridging many subgenres successfully! THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING.... Truly a brilliant album not to be missed! Learn More
Reveal No Secrets
This is Swedish Melodic Death Progressive Metal at its best; This cd has it all, powerful guitars, brilliant technical passages and vocals from hell… if you like great melodic death metal this is your cd to get NOW. Heavy riffs and melodical (melodic + musical = melodical ) refrains build a masterpiece. Learn More
Helltown Hotel
This powerhouse dates back to 1989 and the second great sexual revolution of our culture. ‘Helltown Hotel’ documents plenty of attitude and gives us an unobstructed view of the evolution of Felony from their earlier no-frills metal sound, with songs like the blood-pumping ‘Mississippi Rollin’ to songs like ‘Well of Souls’ which chronicle the darker, heavier version of the later day.  Learn More
Strike Twice
Strike Twice was created by vocalist Michael Hayes and guitarist Rob Luv, two guys with a love in their hearts and souls for hot-blooded hard rock. Fate smiled kindly on them during the 80s hair-metal revolution as they packed out clubs everywhere they went, including Hot Rock, Sundance, and Club Loaded.  Learn More
UZI was influenced by the metal rock wave ridden by bands like AC/DC and Motley Crue. Their debut, a collection full of razor guitars, piston-powered drums, and sleazy-pop hooks, displays ten extraordinary songs unleashing a barrage of swagger. "American Dream" and "Rocker" are soon to be classic metal anthems.  Learn More
Shake City
Fresh from his days in Warrant, Shake City was founded by a hungry, talented singer named Adam Shore. Fueled by passion and eager to live up to their name, chosen in part because of the group’s location on the earthquake-prone west coast, the band hit the clubs like renegade rockets, starting with the Troubador continuing a rockin’ rampage throughout the Sunset Strip. Learn More
Fallen Empires
Another Great Canadian Power Metal Band with light progressive elements, Featuring: former Eidolon vocalist, Brian Soulard. If your a fan of Megadeth or Fates Warning or Eidolon, this band may be your thing! Learn More
The Long Road Home
EMPYRIA's new release “The Long Road Home” is a return to their earlier progressive hard rock/metal roots. From more straight ahead power metal tracks like “The Endless Circle” & “Last Rites” to more melodic rock oriented tracks like “No Other Way” and “Walk Away” EMPYRIA remains true to their progressive leanings without being cliché and jumping on the progressive metal formats bandwagon. Learn More
Out of Milwaukee / Jackson, progressive rockers Wiszdomstone breathe fresh air into the half dead corpse that has become prog rock (in this scene) over the past decade. Dio, Maiden, Sabbath, and especially, Queensryche come to mind when listening to tracks that are meticulously produced in an obviously laborious studio setting. Learn More
This Crooked Path You've Drawn
This Crooked Path You've Drawn" is the debut release for Cloakwheel, a progressive metal band based out of San Francisco. Musically the album appeals to fans of bands like Opeth, Nevermore, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Porcupine Tree, Faith No More, Amorphis, Rush, Tool and Isis. Learn More




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