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"The concept is that all of us who play and listen to metal are the people that the gods hate. So [the new album] is a unified rejection of the gods - any god, every god. Not any one in particular, but all of 'em."
Karl Sanders / NILE

After two years since their last studio album "Ithyphallic", mighty US-American technical death metal masters NILE are finally back with new and exciting material – "Those whom the gods detest" is a landmark release in the field of all things brutal yet technically refined. And this album will show all youngsters and newcomers just who is the leader of the pack!
Formed in 1993 by Karl Sanders (guitar/vocals), Chief Spires (bass/vocals), and Pete Hammoura (drums), NILE wasted little time combining their interest in Egyptian history, culture and lore with the ferocity of modern death metal. Using a symphonic approach to songwriting and arrangement, NILE unleashed an uncompromising attack that fused technical death metal with organic Middle Eastern tones. Their unique lyrical approach was inspired by Sanders' interpretation of ancient Egyptian inscriptions, temple carvings, papyri, hieroglyphics and tomb paintings depicting ancient battles, rituals and religious ceremonies. In 1996, Dallas Toler-Wade joined the band as second guitarist and NILE began recording their debut full-length album "Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka" – an adventurous and awesome effort, released in 1998, which earned them a world tour with no one else but MORBID ANGEL. Upon their return home in August 1999, Sanders and co. began work assembling and arranging the pieces and ideas that had been brewing since 1997. Sanders spent every night composing, arranging, re-arranging and piecing together all the movements like a symphony orchestra. In late Spring 2000, NILE entered the Soundlab Studios in Columbia with long-time producer Bob Moore to give shape to "Black Seeds Of Vengeance", a relentless, scathing death metal assault. Once again NILE hit the road and over the next year, in support slots and as the headliner, the band proved they had no equal in the live arena. NILE's unrelenting style left little in its wake. The album's impact on the death metal scene was huge and their hard work culminated with "Black Seeds Of Vengeance" being voted Album of the Year by Terrorizer Magazine UK.
In 2002, "In Their Darkened Shrines" took NILE's astute songwriting and invention to dizzying new heights."Annihilation Of The Wicked" marked the biggest success of NILE so far, with even hitting the Swedish album charts on position 27! The addition of drumming sensation George Kollias to the existing NILE base of Karl Sanders and Dallas Toler-Wade strengthened an already stellar line-up of musicians.
2007 marked the release of the band`s fifth studio album, "Ithyphallic" –produced by Neil Kernon (SLAYER, CANNIBAL CORPSE) and their first for Nuclear Blast. It was a massive chart success worldwide, including German album charts # 76 and the U.S. billboard charts at # 162, to mention just a few!
Now NILE have gathered all their strength to serve us "Those whom the gods detest": once again produced by Neil Kernon, it sums up to a massive death metal onslaught featuring all the trademarks of the band – relentless brutality, Egyptian mythology, Middle Eastern interludes and incredible guitar duels. An absolute highlight in the NILE discography, and second to none in today`s death metal scene!

Nile - Those Whom The Gods Detest (2009)

Style : Technical Death Metal
Nuclear Blast GmbH
Sortie : 30.10.2009

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