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Silent Memorial - Retrospective (2009)

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Only a few bands have succeeded in breaking out of the small, clearly defined Swiss music scene, which in general and with only a few exceptions, just plods along with little innovation. Musicians in the Alpine Confederation like to base themselves on traditional styles and bands such as Krokus and Gotthard dominate the market. So bands like SILENT MEMORIAL and their prog oriented Heavy Metal make people sit up and take notice. That a Swiss band has turned towards this regal genre of heavy metal was no accident. With their second album, "Retrospective" SILENT MEMORIAL show, that we need to change our opinion pretty quickly about Swiss bands. "Retrospective" can easily be compared with the great classics of this music genre and the superb, varied songs, all of which reach the highest standards of this genre knock the listener's socks off without being too demanding. To do that is an art which is difficult to attain, but SILENT MEMORIAL has done it with astounding ability.

"Retrospective" is a well-rounded, versatile album, covering the many faces of progressive metal, shining with excellent songs and never losing contact with great melodies. After the opening riff of "Human Minds" has nailed you to your seat, the rest of the song acts as a form of musical time travel, and seems to whisper the name Kansas, especially as far as the abstract keyboard melodies are concerned. The atmospheric "Differences", dotted with staccato rhythms, is a tremendously aggressive piece by SILENT MEMORIAL standards. The guitar work is heavy, but yet emotionally arranged. The keyboards are an elementary factor of the songs and give the material additional volume. Mike Andersson's vocals are simply superb. His voice gives enormous intensity to the diverse moods of the various tracks. The versatility of his singing style is even more pronounced on the song "TV World", a track, which demands absolutely everything from him. The 22 minute long title track is the heart of the albums, uniting the band's refined and complex musicianship all in one song. The high standard is upheld for the entire duration of the track and underlines the fact that the lads were able to cleverly unite passion with a high degree of musical ability. The seven songs of "Retrospective" are a true celebration party for demanding progressive metal fans, those who do not want to sacrifice driving melodies for quality, but who want to see, or hear both together. With this album SILENT MEMORIAL have broken through the traditional structure of the Swiss music scene.

Silent Memorial - Retrospective (2009)
Style : Progressive Metal
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