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SKYFORGER post first song of new album 'Kurbads' and reveal album cover and tracklisting! Confirmed for Metalfest 2010!
Pagan Metal Kings SKYFORGER have revealed the tracklisting and album cover for their new album Kurbads!

SKYFORGER recorded Kurbads at Latvian studio Lauska in 2009 together with the bands own bagpipe player Kaspars Barbals handling engineering duties. The band members also produced the album themselves to make sure the recording sounds authentic and to 100% like SKYFORGER.

Kurbads offers the typical SKYFORGER fusion of various metal styles, like old school Thrash and Heavy Metal as well as Latvian Folk music, all rounded up with the trademark SKYFORGER sound!

The whole artwork was created by SKYFORGER's guitarist Martins and is connected to the story of Kurbads. More information regarding the concept of Kurbads will be revealed shortly.

Meanwhile enjoy Son Of The Mare, the first single of the new album, which you can stream HERE on the bands MySpace site!

Kurbads track listing:
1. Curse Of The Witch
2. Son Of The Mare
3. The Nine-Headed
4. Bewitched Forest
5. In The Yard Of The Father's Son
6. The Devilslayer
7. The Stone Sentinel
8. In The Underworld
9. Black Rider
10. The Last Battle
11. Kurbads

A video trailer that includes music of the upcoming new album and Metal Blade debut Kurbads can be viewed HERE!

In other news SKYFORGER are now also confirmed for the Metalfest 2010!

13-15/05/10 DE Dessau Metalfest
13-15/05/10 CH Pratteln Metalfest
13-15/05/10 AT Mining am Inn Metalfest

Peter lead vocals/guitars
Edgars 'Zirgs' bass/vocals
Edgars 'Mazais' drums/percussion
Kaspars folk instruments/backing vocals
Martins guitars/backing vocals

SKYFORGER's new album Kurbads will be released as a limited 6-panel-Digipak on the 23rd/ 26th of April 2010 via Metal Blade Records in Europe and on the 11th of May 2010 in the U.S.

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