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“Combine old Sepultura with modern day hate! SUICIDAL ANGELS resurrect the spirit of Thrash Metal`s glory days! They kill!!!”

“Greece is not only the country to relax and sunbath - its the land of SUICIDAL ANGELS, Greek's answer to Slayer, "Sanctify The Darkness" will surprise everybody, super riffs, killer voice, speed & aggression - old school at its finest. Fuckin’ great album!!!”

The very first demo was released in 2002 and after two more demos, the band released its first EP, "Bloodthirsty Humanity", containing 8 songs. In 2006, a four-track cd-single called "Armies of Hell" was released and distributed in Greece by an independent label called "Evil Records". The latest album is the first full length "Eternal Domination", released on July 16, 2007, through California based OSM Records. It delivers even faster, more extreme and more neck breaking thrash metal than any of their previous works!

The band has done many shows and participated in many festivals, almost all over Greece and Europe and shared the stage with bands that have been a major influence of their sound, bands like Tankard, Anvil, Napalm Death, Onslaught, Behemoth, Kreator, Celtic Frost and Nile.

Furthermore, they participated in the "Theogonia Balkans Tour 2007", headlined by Greek black metal legends Rotting Christ, visiting countries such as: Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece. Their touring activities continued with the Massacre reunion tour called "The Reanimated Tour 2007" (November 2007), during which, they shared the stage with respected bands, such as Massacre, Denial Fiend and Extreme Noise Terror. Moreover, they participated in the "Horns Up Festival Tour" in April / May 2008, this time with British old school thrashers Onslaught.

In March 2009, Suicidal Angels entered the studio (Prophecy and Music Factory Studios, Germany) under the direction of the producer R.D Liapakis and recorded the second full length named “Sanctify The Darkness”. At the same time, the band took part in the so-called ROCK THE NATION Award 2009, which was held in partnership with Nuclear Blast Records and Boomer Entertainment as well as highly anticipated print magazines from all over Europe such as METAL HAMMER (D, I, GR, E), TERRORIZER UK, ROCK TRIBUNE B, SCREAM NO, METALLIAN F and SPARK CZ. SUICIDAL ANGELS were picked final winner from over 1.200 band submissions! Now signed to the worlds biggest Independet metal label Nuclear Blast Records and booking agency Rock The Nation, the band is set to conquer the world with their old school and aggressive balls-to-the-wall thrashing metal madness! “Sanctify The Darkness” will see a world wide release on November 20th.

The band will be touring Europe in January alongside the likes of KATAKLYSM, BELPHEGOR and DARKEST HOUR!

Style : Thrash Metal
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