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10 questions to BLUTVIAL

        AORT (guitar/bass/drums)



Blutvial is an unholy alliance through which pitch black metal is created, forged by guitarist/bassist/drummer Aort, whose musical pedigree consists of avant-garde black metallers and Decrepit Spectre. His partner in crime, multi-instrumentalist Ewchymlaen is formerly known as the guitarist-vocalist of black metallers Reign of Erebus and Acolyte's Ruin. Together they represent British black metal at it’s most damned and violent. 
(source Spinefarm Records)


At first, can you introduce yourself and tell us in few words  your own career ? 


I am Aort, half of British black metal cult Blutvial.  I also play guitar for <code>, and I play bass for Indesinence and Decrepit Spectre.  I first got into metal in I guess 1988 when I became obsessed with Iron Maiden (an obsession that has lasted to this day).  As is the case with many of those into extreme metal, my tastes got heavier and more extreme as time went on.  In the early 90s I was the editor of Final Obituary Fanzine, Hringnum newsletter and I also ran a small distro specialising in the best that black metal had to offer then.  I took a break in the mid 90s to go to university and started creating music in the late 90s.  My first attempts were as a solo project until I created <code> with Kvohst in 2002.  The rest is where it lies.



What are your own favorite styles and  influences  ?


I am a fan of most types of extreme metal, there are bands in most of the sub-genres that I admire a great deal and far too many to mention individually.  In general there are aspects of most genres in metal as a whole that I enjoy from straight forward heavy metal through to the most extreme black metal on the planet.  Metal has enough to keep you interested for all eternity.


Outside of metal I am a huge fan of folk and prog from the late 60s and early 70s, I have quite an extensive vinyl collection from artists from these genres in that era.  I also enjoy minimalist classical music and some free jazz when I am in the mood.  There are very specific artists in the electronic music scene that I admire a lot but they tend to be the exception rather than the rule.

About the band :

Blutvial was created by myself and Ewchmylaen from Reign of Erebus.  We live quite near to each other and had both played in a band called Acolytes Ruin.  I was in the middle of writing and recording the second <code> album and needed to explore black metal at it's most primal and brutal.  Reign of Erebus had recently split up so I got together with Ewchmylaen to make the nastiest and most abrasive black metal we could.  We first recorded the 'Full Moon Possession' EP which Ledo Takas Records released on 7inch EP.  After that we wrote and recorded our debut album 'I Speak of the Devil' which Spikefarm picked up and will be releasing it in July 2009.


Blutvial is a very closed minded entity.  We deal with pure barbaric black metal solely, we have no room for experimentation or watering down our art.  


Which artist you work with or you worked with impress(ed) you the most ?  


I was very impressed with Adrian Erlandsson with his performances and work ethic on the new <code> album.  He was very easy to work with, very enthusiastic and above all, a superb performer.  Vicotnik is always a revelation too, he is one of the most gifted and inventive people in the black metal scene.


BLUTVIAL - I Speak Of The Devil
What about your promotion work and your relation with press at the moment ? Do you get a good feed back about your new album ? 


It is too early to hear what the press think of our album, I haven't seen any reviews yet.  I will keep an eye on the internet and see what the verdict is.  


What’s the mood of it ? What would you say to make people listen to it and buy it ?


People should only buy the Blutvial album if they are prepared for pure sonic Armageddon and black metal at it's most brutal and vicious.  It is like a scythe scraping it's way across the earth's surface.  There is no charity, no pity and no mercy.  To listen to this album is to listen to the sound of the devil's unadulterated scorn.


Where do you find your inspiration for music and lyrics ? 


Inspiration for Blutvial is found in the most unholy and brutal depths of the black metal underground.  We basically just looked to our heritage and tried to produce the most brutal black metal we could based on our experiences.  It was a very simple formula...take away any hope of progression and just drag the music down to the deepest depths we could muster.


The lyrics deal with negativity, unholiness and the eradication of all life.


What’s your favorite new track ? Why ?


I think my favourite track is one that Ewchmylaen wrote entitled 'Raging Winds'.  It is just one of the most relentless and emotive black metal tracks I have ever heard.  Pure aggression and pure evil.


Do you think you will bring something new in music with your new cd ?


On the face of it, we bring nothing new to the music scene.  We just create unrelenting and brutal black metal with passion, honesty and utmost reverence for what black metal is to us and what we think it should be.  We have stripped back all notion of pretence, artistic development and conformity to produce one of the most brutal and desperate black metal albums ever.

Will you be touring soon and what can the audience expect from you on stage ?


We will never tour extensively but we are planning on doing a few one-off shows should the situation be right for us.  We will not play with bands which don;t make sense to share a bill with and we will never play outdoors in the daylight.  These are our stipulations.  Pure black metal such as this must be performed in darkness.  If we do announce a show and you want to see us, make sure you attend as these will be rare occurrences.





Support pure black metal!!!!!!!



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