BLACKGUARD - Profugus Mortis (2009)

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„Nuclear Blast is really excited to announce the signing of this very young and talented new band from Canada - BLACKGUARD!!! The musicianship is outstanding! Needless to say that we are very proud to have found this diamond in the rough!! BLACKGUARD will be one of the most important bands for Nuclear Blast in 2009 and beyond!!“ Jaap Wagemaker - A&R Nuclear Blast
BLACKGUARD is not just a new band in the folk/pagan genre – BLACKGUARD is much more than this – BLACKGUARD is special! No wonder the band was chosen out of more than 2.000 contestants for the worldwide Nuclear Blast MySpace Band Contest in 2008!
Hailing from Montreal, Canada BLACKGUARD startet off as a black metal act in 2001 (formerly known as PROFUGUS MORTIS) but soon had evolved to the epic folk metal sound they are playing today. After a self-produced 4 track demo (2005) had opened several doors to play a couple of festivals the band won a competition as „Best Unsigned Band“ and played as support for SODOM and FINNTROLL. Following to that BLACKGUARD played countless shows with relentless energy in support of numerous bands (BEHEMOTH, LACUNA COIL, ENSIFERUM, MOONSORROW, THERION, CATAMENIA…) in order to build up a strong fan base which they gained pretty quickly.
Finally 2009 the time has come for BLACKGUARD – with their very own mixture of epic melodic metal with harsh vocals and magic folk influences some may compare to RHAPSODY OF FIRE, CHILDREN OF BODOM or WINTERSUN and their amazing feeling for strong melodies and pounding metal parts the band brings fresh air into a genre that became overcrowded in the past months & years.
Carl Begai of Canadas Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Magazine states: „If all the world is a stage, it belongs to BLACKGUARD starting now.“
Their debut album „Profugus Mortis“ is here to state that there is a new force out there – a new force that has come to stay and to take the stages and stereos of this planet by storm! That being said, BLACKGUARD will begin touring the US as part of the renowned Paganfest Part II along with their labelmates KORPIKLAANI, ELUVEITIE and SWASHBUCKLE.
„ Profugus Mortis“ was produced by Jonathan Lefrançois-Leduc & Kim Gosselin (keyboarder & lead guitarist) and mastered by legendary Achim Köhler (BRAINSTORM, HACKNEYED…) and will be released on March 20th 2009 via Nuclear Blast. Be assured that this masterpiece of epic folk metal will appeal to all fans of bands like ENSIFERUM, ELUVEITIE, KORPIKLAANI, MOONSORROW, WINTERSUN as well as of CHILDREN OF BODOM, or CATAMENIA!
Metallers of all genres be prepared! The beast has been unleashed! Watch out for BLACKGUARD in 2009!

Style : Metal,Folk,Death,Black

Sortie : 03/03/2009

1. Scarlet to Snow
2. This Round's on Me
3. Allegiance
4. I Demon
5. The Sword
6. In Time
7. Cinder
8. Vain
9. The Last We Wage

Limited Edition :
10. The journey 


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