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Power Metal implies a certain attitude, which is displayed by many bands of this genre. "MechanicHell", BURNING BLACK's new album, makes a statement: we live, love, and play US Power Metal - no compromises here. Of course, you can not invent the wheel a second time in this area - you just have to be better than your competitors: that's the approach of BURNING BLACK. With "MechanicHell", they definitely kill two birds with one stone, catering to the traditionalists as well as the US Power Metal aficionados. The sharp yet smooth style somehow reminds you of US West Coast Metal in its heyday: a perfect combination of aggressive riffing
and those trademark vocals parts.

2004, John Morris (guit) and Dan Ainlay (voc) establish BURNING BLACK - they manage to attract the attention of the worldwide Metal underground just shortly after with their two demo CDs "Smell The Fire" (2005) and "Fight To Dream" (2006). The demos are the perfect door openers - very soon, the boys have a record contract. After the release of their debut "Prisoners Of Steel" in April 2008, great reviews are almost everyday routine, they are offered to tour with national and international acts, and the experience turns them into seasoned musicians who have already played with U.D.O., Primal Fear, Bonfire, White Skull, Rage, etc (to name just a few)...

BURNING BLACK add some spice to the remainder of 2009 with this excellent Power Metal album. "MechanicHell" consists of brilliantly arranged Power Metal with the necessary melodies - without being too kitschy. Stylistically, fast up-tempo songs such as "Hero Of The Century" or "Our Sentence" sound like a mixture of Judas Priest, Malice, Hammerfall and Brainstorm, and the catchy melody lines sail on the sharp riffs with gracious ease. This Power Metal output bristles with Metal power (sic!), emotion and energy, and turns versatile songs like the title track ("MechanicHell" - reminding you of Malice now and then), or aggressive, double bass-laden "Messengers Of Hell" into genuine, pure Metal anthems. Vocalist Dan Ainlay is lucky to have all the assets of a pure, unaffected Metal voice - imagine his voice being a love child of Lion’s Kai Swan and Malice's James Neal: just check out epic "Victims And Torturers"... Powerful "Purgatory Child" overwhelms you with a mighty dramatic riff and a classy melody, reminding you of the early days of short-lived US-Metal legends Lion. "Secrets To Hide" is a melting pot of anthemic, "European" sounding melodies with those tight and hefty riff barrages US Power Metal is known for. With "MechanicHell", BURNING BLACK have created a gem: an exciting compromise of melody and power.

Burning Black - MechanicHell (2009)
Style : US Power Metal

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