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Exisiting for 20 years, MORTIFICATION have always been an unique band, adding their own views and influences to their unique brand of death metal. The band has written extensively about their strong Christian beliefs, but nevertheless, MORTIFICATION have established their own, strong and loyal fan-base all around the world.

The story of MORTIFICATION started back in 1993. When „Scrolls of the Megilloth“ was released, the death metal scene was growing fast, and MORTIFICATION became one of the most influential and important acts of their time. Built around vocalist and bass player Steve Rowe, the band established a distinct style that earned them a dedicated following.

2001 „The Silver Cord Is Severed“ was released. A bonus live album was available with the first pressing.

The 2002 release „Conquer The World“ documents their world tour in support of „The Silver Cord Is Severed“, along with videos for the tracks “Metal Blessing”, “Access Denied“ and “Standing At The Doors Of Death” - after his victory over life-threatening cancer, Rowe knows what he’s talking about.

In 2008 MORTIFICATION released their first live DVD via NUCLEAR BLAST featuring an entire concert and lots of specials.

Enter 2010 it is time for them to recall the past 20 years of their bandhistory with the newest output „Twenty Years In The Underground”. It contains all the important stations of their musical career and five re-recorded tracks on top.

If you consider yourself a fan of thrashing death metal and MORTIFICATION in general, this 2CD has to be on your list – no f***in’ doubt!!!

Style : Death Metal
Nuclear Blast GmbH

Sortie : 12.02.2010

Track Listing:

01. Nocturnal 5:49

02. Grind Planetarium 5:07

03. Impulsation 4:20

04. Hammer Of God 3:40

05. The Majestic Infiltration Of Order 1:26

06. Eyes Of Destruction 4:44

07. Searching 5:07

08. City Streets 4:04

09. Bloodworld 4:23

10. Scrolls Of The Megilloth 3:21

11. Spoken Word Part I 0:33

12. New Beginnings 2:49

13. Spoken Word Part II 0:53

14. Chapel Of Hope 4:13

15. Spoken Word Part III 0:19

16. Too Much Pain 3:29

17. Spoken Word Part IV 1:41

18. 12 Men 3:13

19. I’m Not Your Commodity 4:35

20. Priests Of The Underground 5:12

21. Grind Planetarium 5:16

22. Distarnish Priest 7:50

23. Brutal Warfare 4:09

24. The Destroyer Beholds 3:56

25. Inflamed 3:30

26. Scrolls Of The Megilloth 3:28

27. Symbiosis 6:03

28. Time Crusaders 5:42

29. From The Valley Of The Shadows 8:12

30. Human Condition 5:44

31. The Majestic Infiltration Of Order 1:10

32. This Momentary Affliction 0:46

33. Metal Blessing 6:50

34. Standing At The Door Of Death 5:44

35. Your Life 4:17

36. Grind Planetarium 5:22

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