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PITBULL TERRORIST or PBT is an ensemble of true freedom fighters of the early 21st century. Four activists with various nationalities, backgrounds and histories gathered together and aimed to launch a musical project to be remembered. The true identities behind the activists’ masks are untold for a sole purpose to carry on the revolt as long as possible: without
the intervention of several authorities somewhat eager to put an end to the ongoing secrecy of the leading quartet of the infamous PBPI (Pitbull Pack International). In their current location in Finland special law enforcements and several TARP-groups are after the first-hand info of their whereabouts. In the process of a proper counter strike the PBT prepared and established the second step of their agenda, the strike two of WOM-plan. For the public the strike is known as C.I.A. or Contraband International Audio.


Track Listing:

01. No Resurrection 1:07
02. The Silencer 1:50
03. Ode For The Old 1:18
04. Cut Below The Waist 1:01
05. The Pig 1:17
06. Economaniac 1:21
07. Maus 1:44
08. Dirt Bomb 1:27
09. The Leak 1:08
10. Agent Orange 1:13
11. Necessary Evil 1:14
12. Guerra 0:52
13. You Did Try 1:15
14. Let The Gods Do The Fighting 1:55
15. Corpocrazy 0:56
16. In Confidence 2:02
17. The Shit Of The System 1:47
18. End Of It All 1:58

Pitbull Terrorist - C.I.A. (2009)

Genre: Terrorthrash
Label: Anstalt Records

Sortie : 06.11.2009

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