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Progressive Metal from Germany almost always leaves a negative feeling in the mouth. And that is something which neither the bands nor the musicians deserve. RED CIRCUIT from the Mainz/Wiesbaden area are anything but copycats sailing in the airstream of the likes of DREAM THEATER and Co. hoping to take advantage of their fame. Behind the name RED CIRCUIT there are musicians with many years of experience, putting their own musical visions into practise and displaying a creativity which, to put it bluntly, simply blows you away. Their second album, "Homeland" shows the quintett earthier, more explosive and more riff-oriented than on its predecessor which was more a mixture of multi-layered rhythms, deeply melodic vocals, atmospheric surroundings and clearly more electronic frivolity. The debut album "Trance State" from 2006 convinced fans and critiques alike and formed a solid base for the band's second album, "Homeland", which clears away any remaining doubts: RED CIRCUIT is a musically creative monster, serving up a magical blend of progressive rock elements and high quality power metal.

The band, formed in 2006 is led by Markus Teske (keyboards, ex-Sheela), who has won an excellent reputation as producer and sound engineer for Symphony X, Neal Morse, Ian Parry's Consortium Project, Saga and Vanden Plas. Together with the exceptional singer Chity Somapala (ex-Firewind, ex-Avalon, Faro, Civilization One,....), Chris Moser (guitar), Thomas Schmitt (bass) and Andy Klein (drums), RED CIRCUIT re-formed their ranks in 2009 in order to give free rein to their urge for creativity. Markus Teske and his friend Andy Kuntz (Vanden Plas, Abydos) have composed, written and produced ten new songs in his own Bazement Studio in Hunstetten near Frankfurt. Andy Kuntz is an important factor in the musical cosmos of the RED CIRCUIT sound. His input on "Homeland" does not only include second vocals but also vocal effects and other performance additions which give the songs a final polish.

Despite the timelag of three years since the appearance of the debut album, "Homeland" is by no means a new beginning, but simply a compact, multi-faceted album with certain musical tangents to the debut work. The album is in fact a pure Prog-Power ass-kicker: energetic, multi-faceted, interestingly arranged, sharp-toothed and full of surprises.

Red Circuit - Homeland (2009)
Style : Melodic Progressive Metal
Limb Music Products
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